Monday, February 3, 2014

Horrible Commute: Snarled Super Bowl Fans Jeer TSA and Chris Christie

If you stayed in Brooklyn and watched the Super Bowl on TV, you're probably feeling pretty good about that decision right about now.

The Super Bowl started out with massive mass transit jams. Tens of thousands of attendees became hot, tired and panicked. Jeers included shouts of “T.S.A.!” and "Blame Christie!" according to the NY Times.

People collapsed in the overcrowded and overheated New Jersey train station at Secaucus Junction, according to the Associated Press. In a nightmare scenario, people were squeezed together in an enclosed stairwell. Emergency medical workers had to push their way through to treat the people.

According to, security officers at first were checking every bag, but by 2:45 p.m. "they were pouring through with little or no examination of what was on their person or what they were carrying."

It was horrible on the way back, as well. The game ended around 10 pm but the crowds did not all catch trains back home until 12:45 am. (It would have been worse had not some Bronco fans hit the road early, the Times said.)

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