Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brooklyn: Looks Like SUNY's Trustees Will Officially Kill Long Island College Hospital (LICH) Wednesday Morning

Get your popcorn and watch the show as the Board of Trustees of SUNY officially pulls the kill switch on LICH tomorrow morning.

You can run out to Manhattan to watch it live, or you can watch it livestreamed for all posterity.

Cuomo is already handing out the plums.

Meet the trustees. Perhaps you'll recognize them next time they visit Brooklyn!

McCall- chair

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Anonymous said...

All rich lawyers, professors, business consultants, & real estate executives from Manhattan, Long Island & Upstate. What do they care about Brooklyn?

Anonymous said...

Likely most of them have never been to Brooklyn, except perhaps a brave trip to BAM that one time, or a meal at the River Cafe. (Cab in, cab out.)