Saturday, June 14, 2014

Brooklyn Judge Won't Throw Out Fishy LICH Rankings

LICH ER. By MK Metz,
State Supreme Court Justice Johnny Lee Baynes rejected the community groups' and doctors' request to throw out some fishy proposal rankings that were submitted by evaluators during SUNY's third attempt to sell Long Islnd College Hospital (LICH).

Jeff Strabone, spokesperson for the Cobble Hill Association, told the Brooklyn Eagle, “When an asthmatic man in Red Hook dies en route to a far hospital while your elected officials celebrate 'continuity of care', that's when you know the jig is up. Every preventable death in South Brooklyn is now on the governor.”

Judge #9, the evaluator who most outrageously disrespected the RFP (which called for evaluators to rank hospitals higher than non-hospitals) ranked every hospital proposal 0, including the proposal by  the successful Prime Healthcare Foundation hospital chain. He awarded full points, however, to Fortis real estate developer.

Judge #9 was paid over $60,000 by SUNY for mediating.

There's a stink from Newtown Creek to the Gowanus, and it's not coming from the water.

Brooklyn judge rejects effort to toss out LICH scores [Brooklyn Eagle]

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