Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brooklyn’s 2014 Elevator Pitch Competition Winners Chosen

Photo: Daniel Morrison, Flickr
Can you sell your idea during just a short elevator ride?

Four entreprenuers walked away from Brooklyn’s first Elevator Pitch Competition with prizes for the best pitches.

Out of 53 initial submissions, 12 were chosen to pitch in two categories. Each finalist had 90 seconds to pitch their venture to a panel of judges and an enthusiastic audience.

Winners were announced to a large gathering at Huge Brooklyn.

The Winners:

Brick & Mortar

1st place – Shawn Lynch – I.C. Progress Photos
runner up – Carin Pinto – NYC Agape

Tech Startups

1st place – Martina Campbell – Burn Finder… find the fitness classes you want!
runner up – Leanna Wilson – Group Out

To see what they won, visit BKSTARTUPS.

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