Friday, June 20, 2014

This Is What We Were Doing Last Night at Chocolate Works in Brooklyn Heights

THIS is what people were doing Thursday night at the recently-opened Chocolate Works chocolate factory at 110 Montague St. in Brooklyn Heights.

We don't know how long this will last but as of last night a person could just walk in off the street, stick a marshmallows on a skewer and dip it in the deep, rich, molten chocolate cascading down this fountain.

Naturally we had to buy a couple of the homemade truffles . . .

There are also chocolate dipped cookies, homemade fudge, chocolate-covered pretzels and old-fashioned candy, plus a party room where kids or adults can learn to make their own chocolate.

Cool thing: you can have them make corporate logos, business cards, and curiosities (like rings or shot glasses) out of chocolate.

 More photos of the shop and its wares here.

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