Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Judge Baynes Holds Off on LICH Decision; De Blasio Still a No-Show

State Supreme Court Justice Johnny Lee Baynes reserved his decision regarding Long Island College Hospital (LICH) at Brooklyn court on Tuesday, meaning he put it off for a while.

LICH supporters want him to throw out some dodgy scores turned by by bid evaluators who were obviously out of town the day someone explained how to score the proposals. (Hint: hospitals get more points.)

Photo: MK Metz,
Maybe Justice Baynes is waiting for the same thing everyone else is -- a little support from Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was all into saving LICH when he was running for Mayor, but all into ignoring it after getting elected.

De Blasio's spokesperson had a hard time even expressing support yesterday for the simple idea of a community needs survey -- something that may have been de Blasio's idea such a long, long time ago . . .

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Anonymous said...

Remember your big man posts about Bill, and the other ones effusively praising his election. How ya feel now? He's a political hack and you were used lich is closing just like I predicted--the deal was baked a long tome ago and you have no rights unless you build enforceable remedies into the deal, which didn't exist here.

Anonymous said...

As a resident of then-Council Member de Balsio's district and a city employee of some stature who has watched Bill since he left the Clinton administration, I must say the mayor has turned out to be exactly who I thought he was, mostly hot air. It's early yet; let's hope for the best.