Thursday, May 24, 2007

Brooklyn's Answer to Hatfields and McCoys: Real Estate War Gets Ugly

It's Brooklyn's answer to the Hatfields and the Mccoys -- only this time it's the Gershons vs. the Cunninghams.

It started with a bulldozer blocking a driveway, escalated to dog droppings in a front yard, then to a sledge hammer breaking a foundation, then to a wall being built two inches from the Gershon's existing living room wall, at Brooklyn's 123 87th Street.

Thrillingly, a reporter from the Brooklyn Eagle was standing in the Gershon's living room taking pictures when work crews from the Cunningham construction site tried to shove Gershon's air conditioner back into his own home as he frantically held it with one hand, dialing 911 with the other. Make sure to view photo number three to see the frenzied push-of-war.

Eagle story here.

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