Sunday, May 13, 2007

Red Hook Lane Demapped, No Longer Exists

Say goodbye to Red Hook Lane in Downtown Brooklyn, pictured above. The lane is all that remains of perhaps the oldest Brooklyn pathway, dating to Native American times. The 110 Livingston Blog reports that it also technically no longer exists–the city recently removed the alley from the official city streetmap, so that the land can be developed.

According to Forgotten-NY, local historian John Burkard maintains that American militiamen would position themselves along Red Hook Lane and take potshots at passing British troops. Community leaders have called for preserving the alley, or, creating a way of commemorating it.

Here's one idea: Why not preserve the lane as a tunnel running right through the planned office tower -- pre-Colonial themes could be painted on the walls, cobblestones and gas lamps could be restored, and a food concession could be licensed inside. It might be part of a Downtown Brooklyn History Trail -- which would include the soon-to-be-demolished Duffield Street Underground Railroad sites.

Any other ideas?

Photo by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

Think of the post cards, the Red Hook Lane Real Buckshot Balls and the My Grandma Visited Red Hook Lane and All I got Was This Crummy T-Shirt sales. What developer could pass it up?

Anonymous said...
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