Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Brooklyn Bridge Park Wrap Up: Purchase Building Out, Spitzer Photo Op In

A nice overview of the near future of Brooklyn Bridge Park is provided by Dennis Holt in the Brooklyn Eagle. Holt attended last Thursday's "Sunset Splash" fundraiser where those in the know had a handle on upcoming park happenings.

Among his many observations, Holt says that everyone "was pretty sure that any chances to save the old Purchase Building are now dashed: the building is expected to be demolished sometime in August."

He also says that sometime this summer there will most likely be some type of symbolic groundbreaking, giving Spitzer his first opportunity to be personally associated with a big “splash” of good news.

Holt says that there was even a buzz that "before long, there might even be some news about the housing component of the park plan, which could take any number of forms."

More here.

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