Friday, June 29, 2007

Poor Planning By Brooklyn Heights Real Estate Fraudster

Brooklyn Heights-based financial planner Jennifer Wilkov was a member of a gang of rip-off artists who conned unsuspecting real estate investors out of roughly $40 million, the NY Post reports. Wilkov had worked as an adviser for American Express Financial Advisors in Midtown until 2005, but was also the author of several books, including "Dating Your Money."

Her web site blurb says, "She is one of today's sought-after speakers and trainers on how to build businesses through proper planning, effective networking, and sound marketing strategies that work."

But while her partners pocketed the bulk of the millions, Wilkov only managed to turn a $147,000 profit. Now what kind of financial planning is that?

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Anonymous said...

I read the article. She claims she was conned too. I think that is obvious if $40 mil was stolen and she only had made $150K, unless she hid the money somewhere. If that is the case, then maybe it was good planning. Either way, your comment about her making only $150K as a planner is ignorant.

You could have picked something more ironic along the lines as a financial advisor who coaches people how to protect their money, loses 40 million.

Many cons require to give a little money to make a lot of money.

bd said...

Maybe she was ignorant of the group she was dealing with? But it sounds like a complicated kind of scheme ... something she should have checked out more before she got involved with.

Anonymous said...

But she was being paid as a financial advisor, she certainly didn't do her due diligience as she said she did.
In the total time from start to finish, she never once went to Ca. to check up on things, she took the Ca. women at their word, she also received a finder's fee for getting new investor's. There were multiple lawsuits against these women from previous investments, how come she didn't know this?

Anonymous said...

Just DON'T use this person as your financial adviser ...