Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rents Reach $8,000+ on State Street

A small poster on a window at 183 State Street, at the corner of Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn, announces that a three-bedroom apartment with a gas fireplace is to let for $8,500/month. A quick visit to the Halstead Property web site shows that prices for other three-bedrooms in the building start at $7,800 and go up to $8,350. (Retail space is also available in the building.)

While this makes our Rent Meter swerve dangerously into Red Alert mode, it's not a total anomaly. Other interesting nearby rents include:
The two-bedroom Clocktower at One Main Street in Dumbo can be had for $13,000/month;
A two-bedroom penthouse loft in the Sweeny Building in Dumbo (at 30 Main Street) is also $13,000/ month;
And a five-bedroom townhouse at 13 Cranberry Street is yours for $25,000/month.

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