Friday, June 1, 2007

Walk to Bridgeview Towers Showroom Just a Wee Bit Intimidating

Persons interested in viewing the luxury Bridgeview Towers condo model showroom can't be blamed for being a bit put off by the subtle hints that all may not be well with the "upcoming" Flatbush Avenue Extension neighborhood at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge.

Signs instruct interested parties to enter at the back. But as you walk that way, you pass a quite intimidating array of warnings tacked up on grafitti-covered boards: "K9 Powerhouse Attack Dog of Premises;" "BEWARE OF DOGS;" "Warning: Poison Posted -- Baited Area."

That, and the deflated balloon on the Open House sign leave a lingering impression...

Photos by MK Metz


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Still not done??

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i bought an apartment in this building in april 2008, and now im looking for a way to sell or rent my unit. there are a ton of things wrong about the building and i would love to list them all but i dont have the time, here is some:
they charge 512.00 per month for maintanance but they have no maintanance crew, imagine you have a problem in your apartment and the developers daughter comes in to look? these people are penny pinching clowns, they have a mexican guy with a banadana mopping the halls(rikers island style) there is absolutly no heating or cooling in the bathrooms which makes it a freezer in the winter(very pleasant when your taking a shower)
there cabinets are from ikea
there gym has terrible home level equipment(when you try to use the stairmaster it wobbles from left to right) since november the hot water and heat has gone down 5 times(i think they installed a small unit that cant handle the size of the building)
80 percent of the building has gone rental(they will tell you they have a clause with there renters that they will eventually buy the unit, this is a ploy not to scare the actual people who bought a unit)
if you actually buy a unit this looks terrible as an investment.
they promise kohler fixtures but they were installed wrong and splash up water all over the counter top.

its a joke, if someone wishes to discuss this further please email


Anonymous said...

In a building of 59 units with 40 units occupied, Leon is the “ONLY” person who has any form of complaint. His complaints are, for the most part, petty and/or irrational. Has the building endured some growing pains? Yes. But I assure you no other building serves its residents with the attention to detail and personal service that Bridge View Tower offers.

In response to your comment on this “free forum for all types of info.,” your common charge (not maintenance fee) is $510.95/month. This common charge fee includes the cost for the electricity for all the common areas (hallways, lobby, mechanical rooms, etc.), the salary for the front desk persons, the gas and electricity fees to run the boiler for the heat, the gas and electricity fees to run the heaters for the hot water, the electricity fees to run the pumps to circulate the water for the building and for the heat, the costs for the water and sewer charges, the costs to run the morning car service to the train stations and the salary for the staff who cleans out your trash, recycle and cleans the hallways, the costs to purchase building insurance and the costs to maintain the elevators and to provide 24 hour emergency service, etc! For the men who clean the hallways, you should not be judging based upon appearances of people. FYI, none of our employees are Mexican and who are you to classify a person looking to be as if they were from Riker’s (why would you know?)! So because you wear a black sweatshirt hoody and physically attack an employee, you should be judged by your appearance and actions and be classified as a criminal……from Rikers?

In addition, you are a CONDO owner, therefore you own the apartment. So for the items that are not common (basically everything in your apartment except for the heat and hot water) you are responsible for anything that needs repair or maintenance. When you did your final walk through and closed on the unit, the unit is now yours, just as if you were buying a house. If you had a problem with a house you bought, would you contact the previous owner for constant repairs or maintenance? NO! Although the building is not responsible, we have been very cooperative with you. Whenever you had an issue, it was attended to ASAP. When you complained about the drainage in the tub not flowing properly, we even went in to clean out the long hair that was all caught up in the drain (which is not our responsibility) two times in a row, at no charge.

In addition, I apologize if you are not happy with your finishes. From day 1, you knew what you were buying into as you had seen when you visited the unit constantly while it was under construction.

Correction to your comments: The water heaters shut down on their own 3 times over the past 3 weeks. This was caused, as it was repeatedly stated to you, by a faulty part from the manufacturer, as you will see from all the service receipts we received from AO Smith authorized service technicians. Once our heaters shut down we got someone down here ASAP and got the heaters back up and running within 2 hours. Our water heaters installed are the largest water heaters that AO Smith manufactures. So please get your facts straight before you start blogging. In regards to the heat, the problems had been in mid-October and as explained to you, the boilers for heat run off of temperature sensors which automatically turn the boilers on when it is cold outside. We have not had any heat problems since then. We also have surveys from every resident in the building, all of whom have noted that they have no problem with their heat, which I welcome you to come see.

Yes, we have gone rental. And YES, our rentals are “Rentals with an option to buy” please see the link below of our NY TIMES article. This “motto” of ours is not a “ploy” and is indeed a FACT!

In regards to the Kohler fixtures, how do you install a faucet incorrectly? Since you are always complaining about water pressure, the reason why the water splashes out of the sink is because the water is coming out of the faucet head at too high of a pressure hitting the bottom of the sink too hard and therefore splashing out. You are an owner, you know, so why don't you buy an attachable spout for your faucet to control the pressure flow of the water.

We wish you luck and speed in selling your apartment!

To the readers of this blog, please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions regarding these concerns or would like any clarification.

Bridge View Tower

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