Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brooklyn Primary Results

The results of yesterday's primary (such as it was, with such low voter turnout) are in:

Brooklyn Surrogate: Diana Johnson
Brooklyn Civil Court Judge - District 5: Noach Dear
Brooklyn Civil Court Judge - District 6: Katherine A Levine

The Politicker called it a "split decision" for Brooklyn Democratic County Leader Vito Lopez, who backed one winning judicial candidate (Noach Dear) and one losing judicial candidate (Shawndya Simpson). Someone calling him/herself "Kilgore Trout" emailed the Politicker to say, “I think that this proves that Brooklyn is completely up for grabs by the non institutional players. Neither the Times nor the party hold enough sway to be deciding factors these days.”

Don't miss the fabulously understated article in the Brooklyn Eagle, which includes gems such as: "This time, party leaders favored ShawnDya Simpson to win. But Simpson, who sits in Manhattan criminal court and has been on the bench for three years, became embroiled in a legal contest over residency. Simpson ultimately convinced the court that she lives in a Brooklyn condo and frequently visits her husband, baby and two young children in New Jersey..."

(See citywide results at Gotham Gazette.)

See Looking Like Poor Turnout at Brooklyn Primary

Photo by MK Metz

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