Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Two Over Easy at the St. Clair Restaurant

So McBrooklyn had two over easy this morning at the "New" St. Clair Restaurant, the old-time diner at the corner of Smith and Atlantic, near the jail -- and massive amounts of Brooklyn redevelopment. Sunday is the New St. Clair's last day. Mr. Costa, the owner, told McBrooklyn he's sold the building and is moving back to Greece. "After 40 years," he said.

Locals remember meeting at the New St. Clair (presumably dubbed "new" in '67, when the Costa family took over) to plan protest marches during the heady 60s. Now many of the same folks -- hair gray but still with fire in the belly -- drop by for reasonably priced, decent diner fare.

McBrooklyn overheard two women discussing the "Arrest Bush" march they participated in Tuesday morning. Another woman came in and sat at a nearby table. "Hey, I know you," one of the marchers said. "We both carried the same coffin over the bridge yesterday!"

Breakfast -- juice, coffee, two eggs, home fries and toast -- cost about five bucks. The service was spectacular. The home fries were that excellent sort of somewhat greasy diner accomplishment. (Don't try this at home.) The decor was perfectly tacky.

The Brooklyn Paper says that Spiro Katehis, owner of the Carroll Gardens Classic Diner, has bought the New St. Clair and will effect a "trendy makeover" over the next few months.

Photo by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

Sad to hear. The St. Clair is a very nice establishment. Friendly service and okay food. Carol Gardens diner is nice too, but I'm a little wary of "trendy makeovers".

Jennie said...

NOOOOO!!!! Damn it! I'm going to move to Greece too.

Danny Eagle said...

I just ate there for the first time last week, the gyro platter was off the chain. They were nice in there, kinda sad to see them go. Nobody hangs fish nets and varnished lobsters from the walls anymore...

Anonymous said...

What do you think he got for the building?