Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Residents of 75 Pineapple Street 'Walk the Plank'

According to a building resident, trucks parking on the sidewalk in front of 75 Pineapple Street in Brooklyn Heights (near Henry Street) caused the sidewalk to collapse. (A commenter on Brownstoner warned this might happen.) Now residents of this five-story property, recently sold along with 71 Pineapple and the empty lot next door, have to walk across a plywood bridge to get home.

The excavation uncovered only a couple of support beams, one bent.

According to Property Shark, 75 Pineapple received an ECB violation on 7/19/2007 for "Failure to maintain building defect noted: underground vault in front of building is failing structurally causing the public sidewalk above to collapse inward."

Note in the photo on the left that the weight of some sort of metal manhole structure is resting on a two-by-four.

Photos by MK Metz

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