Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Official: KeySpan Is Now National Grid

The old KeySpan signs are coming down at the Jay Street headquarters of the KeySpan Corporation (once Brooklyn Union Gas). They are being replaced by silvery letters spelling out the name of the new corporation, 'National Grid.' (A graffiti artist loved the brushed metal simplicity of the new signs.)

After a lot of give and take, (including whistle blower suits, charges of collusion and rate-making tricks, a DOJ investigation and toxic site clean-up promises) the New York State Public Service Commission unanimously voted to approve UK-based National Grid's acquisition of KeySpan on Aug. 22. (Kudos to Newsday for their continuous coverage of the merger.)

The deal calls for a freeze on base gas delivery rates through 2012.

A member of the maintenance staff at KeySpan HQ in Brooklyn told McBrooklyn Wednesday that "it 's going to be a big job" changing all the signs, but that "National Grid is a better name. KeySpan... what kind of name is KeySpan?"

The best name, he said, was Brooklyn Union Gas. "But those days are gone."

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Photo by MK Metz

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