Sunday, September 23, 2007

Think Twice Before Posting Family Photos on Flickr

I suppose the same caution should be taken with any public photo posting Web site.

(BTW, any comments on this news clipping Web site? There is a brief ad or public service announcement before the news bit, but so far it doesn't seem too obnoxious. -- MK)


jderr said...

I love the comment towards the end- "we assumed everything on the site was public domain"

..or it could be like this girl here and have your picture used in a national ad campaign, because the photographer chose a Creative Commons license that allowed for commercial use.

There are two lessons here. One, chose your licensing carefully. Two, if you're worried about the possibility of your picture being posted across the internet, you may not want to upload it to begin with. :)

notadweeb said...

While I applaud the Creative Commons idea, I think that there are a lot of bas***ds out there and you can't expect everyone to play nice. So DON'T post pictures you wouldn't want spread over the Internet, the freeway, on TV and on other people's iPods.