Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brooklyn Menace to Society Finally Arrested, Thanks to New York Times

It took one of the most powerful newspapers in the free world to bring to justice a Brooklyn criminal who terrorized customers over the Internet.

Vitaly Borker, who operates the eyeglasses web site with the awkward  name DecorMyEyes was finally arrested Monday. Even though his victims had complained to the police that he cheated them, threatened to sexually assault them, sent "I know where you live" photos of their own buildings to them, sent manacing letters to their employers and more, no one did anything until the New York Times visited the creep. Borker bragged that every online complaint only raised his Google profile.

After the story came out in the Times, Google said they were going to recalibrate their algorithms so crime doesn't pay (at least crime won't push a company's search rankings higher on Google). And finally, law enforcement got into gear and arrested Borker (the load of guns found in his apartment doesn't help his case).

Blogs are wonderful -- but may we suggest that everyone go out a buy a copy of the Times now and then?

Photo by kitty27, Creative Commons License

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