Thursday, December 16, 2010

Posts We Almost Understood on Brooklynian

Ever link to an online forum and read a post from the middle of a thread? Sometimes it makes perfect sense but sometimes it will never, ever make sense, even if you back up and go all the way to the beginning of the thread.

Here are a few random posts from the Brooklynian forum that we swear we get. But then maybe we don't. 


- A» I'm at the award ceremony now at St Teresa RC Church. James Caldwell just said that Bruce Ratner is "an angel sent from God". Should we put this on the church and morality thread?

B» Nah, that thread is in a nice place at the moment.
...we will mess it up when the crazy fake nun family appears again.

From: Build to Graduate 36 Apprentices 


. . . Upon arriving home, my dog Dude and I decided that today's walk should be to the new Jewelry Store on Franklin.

For those interested, I give you an account...

Today's cast is composed of:
1. Dude the dog. "Dude"
2. Dude's caretaker, Whynot. "Whynot, WH"
3. Woman at Jewelry Store "Woman, WO"

WH: Hi.
WO: Hi.
WH: You guys are open?
WO: Yea, couple days ago.
WH: Some of the local blogs and organizations tried to stop you.
WO: I know. I don't know what that is about.
WH: I don't either. It's crazy. It's like they think you are going to make people good
or evil.
WO: I know, right?
WH: Anyway, you or your boss posted people should stop by to say "hi", so I decided to.
I post on Brooklynian as Whynot. My avatar is my dog.
WO: Ah. Um, you want to talk to him?
WH: Nah, I just stopped by to say Hi
WH: Dude, come on boy.
Dude: (wags tail, heads toward door)

From: Prospective Park Place Pawnshop!


I think it had a two-year lifespan. The second year that I walked up to get a close up...something was amiss. I think it lost one of its colorways too.

From: Where Is the Grand Army Plaza Christmas Tree? 


yesterday it was the middle of the arch....

From: Where Is the Grand Army Plaza Christmas Tree? 


jerry at latest inventory i now have 4 pounds of mussels those dam mice got into my freezer

From: Brooklyn Back When


if you dig below freddy's basement, past the alligators, through the earth's core, back up to the surface, you're going to hit china. 

From: Wide Man Marty Markowitz Say

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