Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brooklyn Officials: Never Seen It So Bad; and More Brooklyn Snow Stories

- Mayor urges patience. But Brooklyn officials say they've never seen it so bad.  Brooklyn Eagle

- "Go to hell, Mayor Bloomberg, this is why we're angry."  Sheepsheadbites

- MTA: Wednesday commute OK -- except in Brooklyn.  amNY

- Marty wants to hear your blizzard-related issues and problems.  BHB

- Your chance to add to crowd-sourced unplowed street map in Brooklyn.  BrooklynSnowRemoval2010

- Brooklyn woman waits 30 hours for ambulance in blizzard. WSJ  More, NY Times

- Watch city sanitation vehicle smash up a Ford Explorer in Brooklyn Heights.  NY Magazine

- Mayor says city likely to pay for plow incident caught on YouTube.  NY1

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