Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Businessweek Creams Brooklyn Crab

Looks like someone's pretty crabby after eating the "sandy, undercooked scallops" and "over-fried crab cake" at Brooklyn Crab in Red Hook.

Bloomberg Businesweek's Ryan Sutton won't be back to the popular seafood shack after an evening of food indignities: lousy marinara, over-salted pollock, and lobster that tasted of iodine and liver.

The turf half of the surf and turf wasn't any better, Sutton said: "The included turf was an inedible gristle-packed strip steak."

To make matters even worse, the bartender confronted them and accused them of not paying their bar bill.Sutton had to produce the receipt to prove he wasn't trying to eat and run.

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