Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Natural Evolution of Baby Strollers in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn inventor is retrofitting baby strollers with fancy features such as iPod docks, global positioning devices, and flashing lights.

“It entertains the child and uses lights to prevent drivers from injuring mothers,” Fraizer told the Brooklyn Paper.

That's one way to look at it.

Our vision is a little different. How about an armored stroller retrofitted with portable artillery?

Suitable for Brooklyn's mean streets, we could call it "Le Stroller de Park Slope."

Or how about this stroller at left, the Star Wars-themed "AT-AT Stroller" created by Rick Russo. (AT-AT = All Terrain Armored Transport.) According to Wikipedia, The AT-AT -- designed to favor "fear over function" -- is manned by two men to drive the vehicle and can carry up to five speeder bikes and 40 Imperial stormtroopers.

Now you're talking Stroller Wars. (Instructions for building here.) 

Photo by Rick Russo, Creative Commons License

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Anonymous said...

Actually we need anti-stroller artillery in Park Slope! (Upping the ante...)