Friday, September 21, 2012

Where to Buy an iPhone 5 in Brooklyn -- Update

iPhone 5 by Apple
iPhone 5 fans have been camped out in front of the 5th Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan for days now hoping to be among the first to get their new phones, but if you want to buy an iPhone 5 in Brooklyn it may be possible to snag one by getting up early Friday morning and popping off to AT&T, Sprint or Verizon stores, many of which will be carrying the prized device.

Some Best Buy, RadioShack and Target stores say they will also carry the new iPhone.  But if you want to buy an iPhone in Brooklyn on Friday, forget about Best Buy. According to the Best Buy website, NO Brooklyn stores will have them Friday.

Many people pre-ordered their phones at the carriers and Radio Shack, so stores may run out early. (Radio Shack actually offers a discount if you trade in your old iPhone 4! Plus AppleCare+ and a free 24/7 mobile support line.)

The AT&T store at 453 86th Street in Bay Ride told us via email that they open officially at 8 a.m. but the line will form before that.They said they expect a "frenzy." Other Brooklyn AT&T stores carrying the iPhone include the one at 160 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights, 476 Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn, 21 Graham Avenue, and 99 7th Avenue. (They all open at 8 a.m.)  Locate.

Verizon stores carrying the iPhone 5 include the store at 146 Montague Street, 139 Flatbush Ave. (at the Atlantic Mall), 8524 5th Ave. in Bay Ridge, 2141 86th St., 1623 Kings Hwy., at BJs at 900 Remsen Ave. and more. (They all open at 8 a.m.)  Locate.

If you're patient, you can always try buying online at Apple.

Cult of Mac has more how-to-buy tips.

Just don't use Apple's new map app to try to find your way back home. Apple's map puts Brooklyn in Manhattan.

UPDATE: Brooklynites snag their iPhone 5s. Brooklyn Eagle

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Amy said...

The Radio Shack on Court Street in Brooklyn Heights is handing out flyers saying they have the iphone 5 and they go on sale at 11 am- no line at all when I walked by at 9:30 this am. Happy Shopping!

Anonymous said...

Radio Shack on Fulton still had some 1:30 today. Best ever!

Kim said...

You can go on apple website and order from 10 pm to 4 am and click on instore pickup and get it the next day. I did it.It shows the stores in your area that have it in stock .Just order it and pickup next day.