Tuesday, September 4, 2012

West Indian Day Parade Draws Millions; Violence After Official Finish

This year's West Indian Day Parade along Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn -- led by grand marshal Harry Belafonte -- was enjoyed by almost three million dancing, flag-waving folks.

Amazingly, considering the size of the crowd, most of the day was violence-free. Sadly, two people were stabbed and two were shot hours after the parade officially wound up, leaving two dead, according to the NT Times.

Other news sources say that at least five people were attacked after being injured by broken bottles at around 6 p.m.

The world-famous celebration of Caribbean culture -- in its 45th year -- features thousands of marchers in sequined and feathered costumes, plenty of island food, music and dance.

A study conducted by the Empire State Development Corporation finds that the parade generates $86 million for every one million attendees. (Madamenoire)

The parade has often been marred by violencehowever. Last year, four people were injured during the parade. Two cops and three others were shot hours later. (amNY)

Cops escorted Councilman Jumaane Williams through the event this year -- after shoving and cuffing him last year, unaware he was a politician. After last year's event, 17 cops were disciplined for writing nasty racial comments on a Facebook page.

Photos of parade here: DNAinfo; GothamistNY Daily NewsNBC

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CN said...

The two cops were shot, not killed, last year.

MK said...

Oops, thanks.