Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spraying in Brooklyn and Queens for West Nile Mosquitoes on Thursday, Sept. 6

Photo: Joaquim A. Gaspar
The New York City Department of Health is going to spray several neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens with pesticide starting this Thursday night, September 6 after 8 p.m. to combat swarms of mosquitoes infected with the potentially deadly West Nile virus.

DOH says that these neighborhoods are being treated due to rising West Nile virus activity with high or increasing mosquito populations:

In Brooklyn: Parts of Bath Beach, Dyker Heights, and Bay Ridge
In Queens: Parts of Lindenwood, Ozone Park and South Ozone Park

This includes the following Zip codes: parts of 11209, 11214, 11228, 11416, 11417, 11419 and 11420.

While the Health Department says the pesticide is safe when used properly, they urge people to stay indoors if possible during the night of spraying, close your air conditioner vents, remove children's toys and playground equipment (and wash them and anything else sprayed with soap and water including clothing or skin). We would add keep your pets indoors, and don't take your kids to the playground until after a rain.

Also, pick your herbs and vegetables before they spray!

In case of bad weather, application will be delayed until Monday, September 10.

Please drain any standing water on your property and call 311 to report standing water elsewhere. Read how to reduce your exposure to mosquitoes here.

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