Friday, September 28, 2012

Giant Fish Heads Are Popping Up On DUMBO Street Corners

We always knew this would happen one day: Giant fish heads are popping up on Washington Street in DUMBO.

It either has something to do with the bizarre weather we've been experiencing lately, or with this weekend's 2012 DUMBO Arts Festival, which starts tonight.

Roughly a quarter million people are expected to visit the all-encompassing festival, which features over 500 artists, 100 studios, and 50 galleries and stages.

The festival always includes memorable experiences -- in "Superhero,” for example, participants are able to “fly” over the Empire Stores while enjoying a number of superpowers (like throwing light balls or becoming gigantic). See more projects described here.

(The fish are indeed an art project of Ben Snead. They include a lane snapper, a yellow tail snapper and a rock hind.)

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Photo by MK Metz

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