Monday, September 27, 2010

DUMBO Arts Festival 2010: Art Breaks Out All Over

Art popped up everywhere in DUMBO this past weekend with installations tucked into the rocks, into nooks in buildings and on loading docks, in studios and galleries, and right out in the streets. Visitors could visit more than 150 studios and 35 galleries this year.

Once again the vitality of the weekend blew us away. Here's just a bit of what was happening:

On the rocks on the Cove in DUMBO is Jennifer Zackin's "AfterShock," meant to be reminiscent of sea life. It was inspired by the oil absorbent "hair booms" used to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf Coast.

A coffin lined with pink fur and porno and filled with wine corks, a bottle of Jack Daniels, speakers and some kind of urn is part of Ryan Humphrey's "Look for the dream that keeps coming back" installation at the Kunsthalle Galapagos art space.

In the street outside of Bubby's a troupe of artists put blindfolds on participants and then took them on a sensory/imagination journey to different destinations.

 It was easy to imagine you were someplace else with your eyes covered. (We believe this was a project called "The Woods" by Chashama.)

This is a small segment of one of a series of incredible charcoal works by Charlotte Schultz called "The Uneven Intensities of Duration." The exhibit will remain at the Smack Mellon Gallery till November 7. (Make sure to visit because the subtleties of these drawings can only be appreciated in person.)

A crochet-covered performer invited people to shake hands in Olek's "Crocheted Painting to Shake Hands #," inspired by Yoko Ono’s book "Grapefruit."  

New York Photo Festival's "Capture Brooklyn" is on display at powerHouse Arena.

There was so much to see -- videos, musical performances, giant sculptures you had to walk through, dance, spontaneous outbreaks of art. Next year we plan to come earlier and stay until the last possible minute.

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Photos copyright MK Metz

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chris havens said...

while event more 'corporate' than past years, higher level of organization great good to see their are still more than 150 studios in dumbo, far cry from 500 years ago, but still something
music everywhere was lovely