Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Planning-Ness in DUMBO Next Two Days

Planning-Ness (catch phrase: "Get Excite and Make Things") asked people from fields such as crowd sourcing, behavioral economics, data visualization and community engagement to teach what they know. They'll be meeting Sept. 30 - Oct. 1 in DUMBO (and also Denver) to hear speakers, join workshops and socialize.

Sessions cover topics like "How to Rethink Media," "How to Create and Use Urban Computing," and "How to tell Stories with Games." More here.

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog, but any chance of adding a comment list on the side of the blog? I can't tell when you respond to a prior comment unless I search back to that post, or if anyone subsequently comments on a post, because it gets lost to the pile. Brooklyn Heights Blog has one on the right hand side and its handy.

mcbrooklyn said...

Great idea. I added one on the right a bit under the main ad. Let me know what you think. (Oddly, this post isn't showing up yet. It may take a while to appear.)

Anonymous said...

Excellent--it shows up!

mcbrooklyn said...

Got it. Eventually I'll have to deal with the weird apostrophes. I've seen that before.