Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today's Primary Is Important for Brooklyn -- Vote!

Besides pounds of campaign flyers,  McBrooklyn received a letter from seven respected Brooklynites -- Otis & Nancy Pearsall, Claire Silberman, Susan Rifkin, Hank Gutman, Ann McGroarty and Isabel Navarro -- urging us to vote in today's primary which "is more important than most people imagine. At issue is the quality and independence of our representation in Albany."

We couldn't agree more. Please take the time to get out and vote -- and try out the fancy new voting machines.

The Pearsalls and others endorce Joan Millman, Jo Anne Simon and Jesse Strauss against "three utterly undistinguished and inexperienced opponents who would represent the status quo in Albany." The letter says in part:

Joan Millman: "This year alone she sponsored the toughest Albany ethics legislation in state history and wrote the legislation to end the unfair influence of corporate spending on elections . . . She helped secure the initial funding for Brooklyn Bridge Park, wrote legislation to get Federal stimulus money for our buses and subways . . ."

Jo Anne Simon: "She served as President of the Boerum Hill Association and Chair of the Gowanus Community Stakeholder Group, where she forged a groundbreaking settlement with NY State DOT. She has worked tirelessly to preserve our neighborhoods ..."

Jesse Strauss: "... has served as a NYC Urban Fellow and is currently a member of Community Board 2. . . "

If you need more information about who's running at the state and federal level, visit the League of Women Voters website and type in your address.  

Photo by MK Metz

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