Thursday, September 16, 2010

When It Comes to Your E-mail, the Walls Have Ears

Question: If a group of Google engineers can easily spy on user emails and chats -- as discussed in this Gawker article --  what is to stop them from accessing private information about all of us?

Not to single out Google. Other email and chat providers probably have looser security than Google. Google says they are tightening up security. (And we believe them.)

But just think. Google talk, chat, email, docs, Picasso Picassa photos -- complete with addresses, passwords, financial information, phone numbers and things you would never, ever tell anyone, all in one easy-to-access package.

So watch what you email. (And say. And type. And store on that private Picassa account.)

The walls have ears.

Photo by  Ludovic Bertron, Creative Commons license

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Dave said...

This blog is poor enough and provides so little interesting/useful information that I'm often tempted to unsubscribe in my feed reader when you stay on topic. This isn't Brooklyn-related at all, so why is it here?

Dave said...

And for the love of god, Google's photo service is called Picasa. Stick to writing what you know. Sorry for the double post, but i meant to make this point in my first comment and forgot.

Anonymous said...

Dave--Sesame Street called. Your garbage can has now been refurbished.



a happy McBrooklyn reader

mcbrooklyn said...

Right you are about the Picassa typo Dave. But as for the "off-topic" post, we figure people in Brooklyn use Google, too.