Friday, September 17, 2010

Brooklyn Tornado 2010 Round Up (And Don't Tell Us That Wasn't a Tornado)

Brooklyn tornado photos are posted all over the Internet. The National Weather Service hasn't made an official determination yet but with all of the destruction caused in just a few minutes, it's hard to come to any other conclusion.

Here are links to a few photos (there are also more links on yesterday's post).

This video by Adrian Mueller / fabrik studios (© shows the storm first coming in over South Park Slope, Brooklyn.

- Tree branches (and maybe some whole trees) are down all over Carroll Gardens. According to one reader, DeGraw Street was covered in sharp pieces of slate that had flown off the roof of St. Agnes Church.  PMFA blog

- Check out the storm photos on the Photo.Knit.Dog blog. Lina says, "My neighbor downstairs had his fence come clean off and his patio door glass shattered completely! There are at least five downed trees around us not to mention the big semi truck that fell over on the freeway that I can see from my apartment. Totally crazy!"

- Trees are down all over Park Slope. "Aftermath in Park Slope" photos by Luis Guerrero at the Brooklyn Eagle.

- See what happened in Clinton Hill at Angela's photostream on Flickr.

- The New York Times has a story and about a dozen photos of destruction in Brooklyn and Queens. 

- Lots of comments about what happened in various Brooklyn neighborhoods at Brownstoner.

- Here's an unbelievable photo by cmvoelkel of a SUV crushed in Park Slope. Flickr 

- More pictures at The Brooklyn Trolley Blogger

 Tree limbs down in Korean War Plaza Park, across the street from the Post Office in Downtown Brooklyn. (Photo by MK Metz)

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