Saturday, October 18, 2008

Anti-Obama Robocalls Coming From Brooklyn Company

Those nationwide robocalls that accuse Barack Obama of being affiliated with terrorists -- the ones that John McCain once called "hate calls" -- are coming from a company in Brooklyn, according to Huffington Post via Daily Kos.

The company is King TeleServices, 140 58th St # 6I, Brooklyn, NY 11220 (212) 269-5578, (212) 709-3260, (800) 817-5468, (718) 238-7924, Tom Del Vecchio, president. It's a subsidiary of D F King & Co. which was recently acquired by the international company Sage Holdings. (Sage Holdings' website avoids mentioning what its little subsidiary does besides proxy communications.)

King TeleServices is also famous for its campaign of fear and intimidation against employees who want to join a union.

King TeleServices got the contract from the political firm FLS-Connect. FLS-Connect was behind the pro-Bush robocalls in the 2000 primary that helped defeat John McCain. Those robocalls said that "Mr. McCain's current wife, Cindy, was a drug addict and that the couple's daughter Bridget, adopted from Mother Teresa's orphanage in Bangladesh, was a black child Mr. McCain had fathered out of wedlock," the New York Times reported (via The Nation).

Get DireKing TeleServices may soon start feeling the heat -- Daily Kos is running a poll asking: "Should NYers Protest Brooklyn's King TeleServices for being complicit in slandering Obama?" As of 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, the results were 62 to 1 against King TeleServices. Clarknt67 is going to organize a protest. (You can email him at "clarknt67ATnycDOTrrDOTcom")

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Anonymous said...

Problem is - it's only slander if it's not true. Bill Ayers is unquestionably a unrepentant terrorist (After Septermber 11th, he told the NY Times "I don't regret setting bombs.. I feel we didn't do enough"), and Obama launched his political career and his first State Senate campaign at a fundraiser in Ayer's home.

Posting anonymously, because I don't want to end up being assaulted like the
other folks in Manhattan
who had the audacity to support someone other than Obama.

mcbrooklyn said...

Republican Colin Powell yesterday pointed out that the McCain campaign's "false claims that Obama is Muslim and its insinuations that he is a terrorist are creating division with the United States and further damaging our reputation and standing within the world."

Philip said...

Should we get ourselves in an uproar over this company? It just diverts from what has to be done. Obama has to be elected! Put all energy into that. Protesting against this would be the same as protesting the 1st amendment. Yes it's ugly. I hate it, but it's protected speech until a court says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

The calls didn't say that he _was_ a terrorist, nor that he was a muslim; you're missing the point. It's not slander.

For what it's worth, Barack is somewhat unclear sometimes himself. On an ABC interview on 9/7, he talks about 'his Muslim faith' - until the interviewer (Stephanopouos) breaks in to correct him, and remind him that he's actually 'Christian'.

Can you imagine if a Republican had an gaffe of this magnitude? Certainly wouldn't have been this - a swift kick under the table and immediate correction to remind the candidate what they're actually supposed to be saying..

Mike L. said...

That's the thing of it- there's very real evidence that Obama is very close to Bill Ayers in many ways, and there's no doubt that Ayers is a domestic terrorist.

Since the Obama campaign doesn't have any real answer to this - they can't deny the connections, or Ayers' background - they have to try to confuse the issue among the gullible and uninformed by trying to make it seem that the 'terrorist associations' have something to do with the provably false accusations he's a Muslim, instead.

The Powell quote in answer to this is just a smokescreen. Don't get duped.

Lucien said...

The 62-1 survey results on Kos may not be, shall we say, from the most unbiased sample.

Anyway, wouldn't it be simpler for Obama to say 'I never had any association with Bill Ayers' or Ayers to say 'I didn't want to set off pipe bombs and kill innocent people', if that was truly the case? Seems like they're attacking the messenger here, instead of addressing the message itself..

bj said...

Why should Obama waste time responding to garbage like that? Everybody, send another $10 in so he can fight these lies.

Philip said...

I just love the way people get their history all screwed up. For One Obama explained what his relationship was with Bill Ayers in the last debate. Bill Ayers is now a professor at the University of Illinois. At the time that Ayers was part of the Weather Underground Obama was under 10 years old and I believe he was probably in grammar school. He probably had far more interests in transformers than transforming the society either by peaceful or violent means.

As for Ayers he was part of the terror campaign that plagued this country and as far as I'm concerned plagued the left. Personally at the time I was involved in left wing politics (though I'm not today) but as with many if not most other leftists we were opposed to domestic terrorism of any kind. At the most we believed in demonstrations and civil disobedience as our tools to deal with political situations.

But also the Weather Underground didn't kill or maim anyone except for themselves in the Greenwich village townhouse in 1970. Mainly they blew up bathrooms in public buildings. Another incident in SF where a policeman was killed was never officially attributed to the Weather Underground though that case has been looked into a number of times since it happened.

Remember the worst terrorist attack prior to 9/11 was conmmited at Oklahoma by right wing terrorist, Timothy McVeigh. Keep in mind the kinds of people who are yelling "kill him" and "terrorist" referring to Obama at McCain and Palin rallies. I think they have more in common with the Timothy McVeighs of the world.

Anonymous said...

Let me start off with King Teleservices as being the most unorganized, unprofessional place that I have worked, and if I knew what they had done with Obama I surely would have never worked there! Marc Intreglia (president) and Alex Leventhal (vp) are the BIGGEST liars and cheats, they make promises to ppl that work for them and then take them bck, day to day at that call center the rules change, ppl are treated like wk dogs instead of humans. I wanted to let this be known because Business like them should be shut down, it was almost like working for the mafia, real shady transactions, phone calls, I felt like I was working for John Gotti, I will never go bck there to work!! And warning to whomever reads this.... Beware of D.F. King teleservices in good ol Brooklyn NY!!

Anonymous said...

It's not even an American Company. According to their web site, their parent company, now named "King Worldwide," is the "leading global Financial Communications and Stakeholder Management firm. The King Worldwide family is comprised of Europe’s fastest-growing financial communications consultancy M:Communications, the premier international investor relations consultancy Taylor Rafferty, the top-ranked Nordic investor relations and online communications firm Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, the alternative asset investor and media relations consultancy Broadgate Consultants, the premier capital markets intelligence company Capital Precision, the leading proxy solicitation company D. F. King & Co. and bankruptcy specialist Donlin, Recano and Company."
So this is who the Republicans pay to do their dirty work.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Kingtel starting August 24 2009 when they opened a new office in gloversville ny only for them to lay off everyone on october 30 2009.They called us into a meeting 1 hr before the end of our shift to tell us we no longer had jobs.There was alot of problems while working there.Computers did't work half the time,they changed rules one day then changed them back the next,then changed them again.They treated employees in an unprofessional manner.There was discrimination from the human resources department which i fought several times with no result (especially since i was one of the people being discriminated against)They continued to use fear as a motivator for the employees and basically lied to all employees on a constant basis.Working for them is like working for Nazi's.When our computers were not working they expected us to sit there and be quiet.They are definately the worst company I have ever had the displeasure to work for.