Monday, October 13, 2008

The Brooklyn Headhunter: Find a Job in Brooklyn

From time to time, McBrooklyn puts on its Headhunting gear and scouts out a handful of Brooklyn employment opportunities.

Listing of the week:
- Yelp Community Manager: Yelp needs a new "Mayor" in the Brooklyn area -- writing, event planning, socializing. Meet Yelpers, be in the scene. "You know who you are. Pencils down. Has a fire in the belly. Walks through walls. Takes no prisoners . . . You know everyone. Everyone knows you. You are the Mayor." $50,000 - $60,000. Craigslist

Looking for something else? Here are more listings:

- The American Cancer Society is looking for a person who can build relationships with Brooklyn-based health care providers and promote their smoking cessation methods. Don't even think about applying if you smoke. Career Builder

- Advertising Copywriter needed in DUMBO. Craigslist

- Warehouse clerk required for Apria Healthcare company. Package/prepare equipment and supplies. Career Builder

- Housing Works needs a Director of Grants. Monster

- Get into management at CVS. Career Builder

- An insurance company is looking for an experienced private investigator. Career Builder

- Morton's The Steakhouse is opening soon in Downtown Brooklyn. They need: Reservationists/Host(ess); Servers; Bussers; Captains; Line Cooks; Pantry Cooks; Dishwashers; Porters; Bartenders; Cocktail Servers. HCareers

- Director of Development for Soliya, an entrepreneurial nonprofit organization using technology to bridge the divide between the “West” and the “Arab & Muslim World.” Craigslist

- Office Manager needed for Brooklyn Heights real estate firm. Craigslist

- Branch Manager for a regional bank $70,000 - $90,000 depending. Three years experience. Career Builder

- Toys 'R Us on Flatbush Avenue is looking for a Manager Trainee. Monster

- Brooklyn Industries needs a District Manager. Monster

- Pet-boarding facility needs a kennel assistant, dog walker and grooming assistant. Craigslist

Previous Headhunter job listings here.

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Steven Mac said...


I live in the old St. George hotel. I'm a Pace student. I'm fascinated by the history of this building - and trying to find out about its "haunted" stories".

Our entire floor is being plagued by a late night knocker. I myself have answered the door only a second after its been knocked on to find the hall empty. And it's a pretty long hallway. Far-fetched, I know. But one can't help but wonder. Bwahaha!

Anyhow, I'd love to see what your research brings up on this old hotel and its haunts.

Also - with Halloween rapidly approaching - does good old Brooklyn have any great ghost tours or haunted houses - so we don't pay a fortune or wait in line for three hours for *scary voice* BLOOD MANOR?


Anonymous said...

I'm in the neighborhood for three decades. The part of the St George which are now the student dorms was an SRO with wild crazy people living there. I remember a man jumping out the window to his death on Clark St. For a long while the building was empty. I think squatters were in there. Also, during the late 70's Club Wild Fyre, on the ground floor right next door to the train station, featured topless dancers.

Steven Mac said...

I also read an article about, in the early 90's, the section of the building I live in was used as placement for welfare and AIDS patients.

I am convinced there are some great ghoulish tales.

bj said...

Lived in the neighborhood 25+ years. A demented ghoul lived on the Henry st side. Stole dogs, brought them upstairs, did terrible things.

Anonymous said...

There was a guy who sold crack out of the subway station. Won't say his name but it started with "Big." High school girls used to do ANYTHING to get the crack. The St. George was filled with crackheads. Every morning on the sidewalk under the St. George windows, numerous little glass crack vials would be stuck in the cracks.