Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trader Joe's Warehouse Fire: Frozen Food Meltdown in NYC, Brooklyn

The vegetable dumplings and and other frozen Trader Joe's delights were thawed out well before their time when a fire broke out in a Trader Joe's warehouse earlier this week. The sign above was posted in the Brooklyn Trader Joe's, but Manhattan is also out of freezer items.

We believe the fire erupted Wednesday -- someone send more details if you have them. A Twitter post says that it was an electrical fire.

UPDATE: Saved!

- An Insecure Fruit Stand Guy in Brooklyn's Trader Joe's Territory
- Brooklyn Hulas To New Trader Joe's

Photo by MK Metz

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Lucien said...

They had a 'Frozen food stocks will be low' sign out this afternoon - and the cases were pretty bare. Guess nobody liked the halibut steaks; that was about all that was left.

Anonymous said...

TJ's in Union Square is still low on frozen foods and now it's January 2009. Have they rectified the situation yet or is this going to be a chronic situation. I get the sense that the low supply has more to do with the fact that that store is always mobbed and TJ seems to have no plans to alleviate the situation by opening new stores.

pam said...

TJ's Brooklyn had about 90% of their frozen food Saturday, when we loaded up. One or two items were empty, and a few were nearly out.