Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brooklyn's 'F. Martinella' Deli Open for Business

You want ham? Salami? How about soup, a sandwich and coleslaw?

Yesterday Brooklyn's new Boar's Head "food laboratory," named F. Martinella, opened for its first day of business at 117/119 Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn, across the street from the movie theater.

While we haven't tasted anything yet, the staff seems friendly and it looks like it's going to attract quite the lunch crowd -- lots of lunch meats (naturally), a variety of sandwich cheeses, cakes and cookies, coffee.

The "F. Martinella" name was decoded on the Lost City blog: Boar's Head CEO is Robert S. Martin; their President is Michael Martella.

"Martin + Martella = Martinella"

UPDATE July, 2009: CLOSED!

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Photos by MK Metz

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