Sunday, October 12, 2008

Diesel Concert in Brooklyn Goes Live

Diesel unleashed their international party xXx Rock and Roll Circus last night and McBrooklyn followed the action via live feed. T.I., O'Fracas, Franz Ferdinand, M.I.A., N.E.R.D., Hot Chip and Chaka Khan performed. Here's some image grabs from Brooklyn Bridge Park, in the huge tent set up below the Brooklyn Heights Promenade:

9:00 - Trying to view the London Diesel concert and don't see anything? The audio is still coming in, but there was a "riot" around 9 p.m. and kids unplugged all the video cameras.

9:15 - Zurich video back up but what the hell is happening on stage?

9:15 - Cameras not up yet for the Brooklyn Diesel concert. . . Maybe the Brooklyn Heights Association sent in a RIOT squad!

UPDATE: London's plugged back in!

9:25 -- UPDATE: Brooklyn video is up!

The line before the show. People with tickets turned away at the door -- FDNY says tent has reached capacity.

Host Joey Arias

Fire eaters

O'Fracas -- indie act from UK

10:45 - Diesel CEO and BP Marty Markowitz

12:00 Franz Ferdinand mash-up with T.I.


12:20 - Fire marshals close balcony. Lindsay Lohan spotted. Chase Crawford (Gossip Girls) spotted.

1:00 - Crazy trapeze things flying overhead

1:20 - M.I.A. pregnant.

More at Brooklyn Vegan.

- Rock and Roll Circus

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Anonymous said...

The sound is so freaking loud I can hear it from Hicks Street and it's now 12:40am and going strong. I could hear them doing sound checks on Thurs like it was next door. The reverb is intense. This was not good planning.

Anonymous said...

1:20 -- M.I.A.

ben said...

Call 311 - complain. No more!