Friday, October 24, 2008

Amazing Politics, Brooklyn and Beyond

- How to effectively care for a loved one who has received a Rudy Giuliani robocall. 23/6

- The whole scoop on the City Council's vote to extend term limits. NYT Cityroom

- Those were the days: In remarks to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in March, President George Bush said, "I think when people take a look back at this moment in our economic history, they'll recognize tax cuts work. They have made a difference." Think Progress

- John McCain's brother Joe called 911 to complain about being stuck in traffic, then cursed out 911 operator. (Doesn't everyone have a brother like that?) ABC7 News

- How to spend $150,000 at Saks and Nieman Marcus. New York Magazine and NYT Runway blog

- New York Gov. David Paterson is ordering background checks of his staff, after discovereing that 60 percent of them were never fully vetted. Crain's NY

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