Monday, October 20, 2008

Downtown Brooklyn = College Town, and Other Brooklyn Briefs

- Downtown Brooklyn has a new "aggressive" marketing initiative, and a press release says the area will be promoted as a College Town. Gothamist

- The years-long process of fixing the Downtown Brooklyn portion of the BQE has now begun. Brooklyn Eagle

- Did you know there was a "Tarot for Obama" fundraiser Friday? Why do we miss all the good parties? ireport

- Not only are the judges parking their cars in a public park in Downtown Brooklyn weasels, now they're un-patriotic as well. Brooklyn Paper

- Rude neighbor on First Place. PMFA

- The American Civil Liberties Union elected Brooklyn Law School professor Susan Herman as president. Democratic Underground

- 39 percent of the latest bedbug complaints at the Bedbug Registry come from Brooklyn. Bedbug Registry

- Back in the day: The Gowanus Lounge got a hold of some great images of Brooklyn in 1958. The first is a video of an iconic 50's family frolicking at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Next is a photo of Downtown Brooklyn (but we don't know what street that is); and finally there's the Williamsburg waterfront.

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Diane said...


I did, in fact, visit your blog to look for a way to contact you before the "Tarot for Obama" fundraiser took place (I was a reader there as well as helped organizing) but I had some difficulty finding the contact info. I've found it now and just sent you some info about two upcoming events at the same gallery where "Tarot for Obama" was held. Readers may also check out for more info.