Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Proposed Brooklyn Trolley Route: From Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn

 The city recently announced that it is releasing money for a Brooklyn streetcar feasibility study. Bob Diamond, well-known champion of streetcars in Brooklyn, provided this map of the proposed route.

The route being studied would run from an intersection in Red Hook near Ikea, along Beard Street towards Fairway to Richards Street, and along Columbia Street through Red Hook and Cobble Hill to Atlantic Avenue. From there it would run along Boerum Place to Livingston and Fulton streets, where the trolley would circle around and head back to Red Hook along Van Brunt Street.

For the full story, visit the Brooklyn Eagle.

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Anonymous said...

Why not just add a B61 Limited bus that would stop say every 10 blocks? It would cut the travel time significantly at a fraction of the cost. (Last I checked, the city, state and MTA are having financial issues.)

Brooklyn Trolley Blogger said...

The financial return from tourists alone would offset said financial issues. Build it and they will ride.