Monday, October 1, 2012

DUMBO Arts Festival 2012: Photo Gallery

Hundreds of thousands of people invaded DUMBO for DUMBO Arts Festival 2012, which wrapped up last night. Art was displayed in the streets, in shipping containers, on stages and in the studios of DUMBO, along with the waterfront and park spaces.

Here are photos of just a few of the outdoor, interactive and participatory artworks on display during the weekend.

Above, "Cairns" by Brian Willmont. Almost everyone touched these attractive piles of faux stones arranged around the Cove, only to be told by someone smarter that they weren't glued together, just piled.

The crowd was very taken with the whole "BackpackGallery" concept. Backpack galleries were invented by Heloise Escudero to be worn on an artist's back. People enjoyed opening the doors and looking at the little galleries inside (complete with lighting.) The display method added another layer to the art.

"Los Osos" by Spain's dEmo, 81 Washington St. Because everybody loves bears.

"King DUMBO" by Lilka Hara, perched in the window at 30 Washington St. King DUMBO was made out of discarded bottles and bags.

Childrens Museum of Art's "Skyline String Installation" in the Tobacco Warehouse. Laundry lines, actually.

Childrens Museum of the Arts mural, made by kids.

"Fish Farm (Brooklyn Snappers)" by Ben Snead. A lane snapper, a yellow tail snapper and a rock hind, on Washington Street.

"Hindsight is always 20/20" by Luke DuBois, along the waterfront in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Each sign highlighted words from U.S. presidents' State of the Union speeches, presenting the sixty-six most frequently used words from each presidential administration, in eye-chart form.

"Hello Niagara!" by Amanda Browder, draping the Tobacco Warehouse. Kids loved to run on this as if it were a race track.

From the United Photo Industries exhibition: "Raskols: Gangs of Papua, New Guinea" by Stephen Dupont. Galleries were made from shipping containers.

Photos copyright MK Metz

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