Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shop at Barnes & Noble? Hackers May Have Stolen Your Credit Info

Photo: Dipfan
Hackers broke into keypads at 63 Barnes & Noble bookstores -- including one or more in New York City -- and made off with the credit and debit card information for customers who shopped at the stores as recently as last month, CNET reports.

Since discovering the breach, the company has removed all 7,000 keypads (the part where customers swipe their cards) from its hundreds of stores for examination. Online purchases were not affected.

According to the New York Times, affected customers have not been notified. It is unknown whether stores in Brooklyn are on the list. The company said it is advising all customers to change their personal identification numbers and monitor their credit card statements. (But they don't say when all this started. Last month? Last year?)

Barnes & Nobles suffered from massive Internet credit card fraud in 2008, as did several other chains.

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