Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Companies Don't Have To Pay Their Parking Tickets in NYC. But You Do.

Photo: Alan Cleaver
City Comptroller John C. Liu said yesterday that an audit of the City Department of Finance’s collection of parking tickets discovered that the agency has failed to go after millions of dollars in fines owed by companies with delivery fleets.

On top of that, the DOF even gives these big companies discounts on their tickets -- something the city no longer does with individuals and small business owners.

Scofflaw corporations owe the city $9.3 million in tickets, according to Liu.

“It’s bad enough that people feel like they’re constantly blitzed with parking tickets,” he said in a statement. “It’s absolutely galling to now find that the City lets big companies off the hook on millions in parking tickets. At the minimum, the City should be as efficient collecting money from big companies as it is from residents and small business owners, who apparently never get a break.”

Fed-Ex, Verizon, Frito-Lay, and Anheuser-Bush were among the companies sited. Liu's audits are available here.

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Jon from Bkln said...

Is everyone really that dumb? Who will ultimately pay for those parking tickets? If John Liu wants to raise our taxes, he should just come out and say it - no need to go through UPS and FEDEX to do it.

Justin said...


UPS and FEDEX should pay a *surcharge*, not get a discount. They earn their profits off the tax-supported infrastructure (streets, lights, cops) more than most industries.

If a regular joe pays $60 because he drives and parks, FEDEX should get a $200 fine because they drive, park, double-park, pollute by idling, hydrant park, stand, stop, block one way streets, idle some more, block sight lines, slow down traffic, idle even more, and sometimes clip people's side mirrors!

Chicken Underwear said...

@ Justin; Exactly, entitled fleet drivers cause the traffic jams that get blamed on the bike lanes.