Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lots of Police Activity Friday Night on Cadman Plaza West, Brooklyn

Photo by MK Metz
A little before midnight Friday night eight or nine NYPD police cruisers with sirens blaring raced north on Cadman Plaza West in Brooklyn Heights / Downtown Brooklyn and entered the southbound lane (in the wrong direction) at the corner of Middaugh Street and Cadman Plaza West.

There they blocked all except one narrowed lane of traffic heading south. Several shined flashlight at the cars driving slowly through the blockade.

Photo by MK Metz
This went on about 20 minutes. Then they all got out of their cars and gathered around one particular police car and stood for a while in a big clump.

They all faced west. We couldn't hear what was going on.

Eventually traffic started backing up because a large truck couldn't squeeze through the blockade.

With that, all the police got back into their cars. Several turned on a large number of different colored lights, making for quite a show.

Then they all drove away.

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bj said...

Also lots of fire trucks on Adams Street yesterday about 8 pm. ?