Monday, October 15, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 Packs In 115,000 Geeks

Comic Con 2012 by MK Metz
A clearly over-capacity crowd of geeks, cybergamers, zombies, superheros, cosplayers, Homestuck creatures, anime and comic fans packed the Jacob Javits Center this weekend (Thursday through Sunday) for New York Comic Con 2012.

Comic Con 2012 crowd by MK Metz
News sources and organizers are saying more than 115,000 attended the convention this year, up from 105,000 last year.  It was so packed there were times when no one could move, especially in the merchandise aisles.

Thousands of people who already had tickets were held outside the center for up to an hour on Saturday for reasons unexplained. (Luckily, they were surrounded by zombies from The Walking Dead.)

Comic Con 2012 _ Captain America - by MK Metz
Once in, however, one of the thrills of Comic Con is watching the costumed fans. There were many Captain Americas this year, along with Dr. Whos, Marios, Spidey, Cobra Commanders, Sailor Moons, Star Wars characters, Game of Thrones characters, Hunger Games characters, video game characters and Lolita types. And zombies.

Comic Con 2012 by MK Metz, 2 Captain Americas

Comic Con 2012 by MK Metz, Vikings
An assortment of raiders from various time periods.

Comic Con 2012 by MK Metz, Alt

Comic Con 2012 by MK Metz, Batman and friends
Many wore strange, blurry contact lenses this year, like the woman in the middle. (Click to enlarge.)

Kinda creepy.


Khal Drogo from 'Game of Thrones.'

One of the most stunning was the Engineer from Prometheus, played by Alex Fuller. The man is huge; those are real muscles, with white body makeup that takes hours to apply.

This girl had what looked like pieces of glass sticking out of her body.

It was a furry dragon and it moved.

People gathered around the Just Dance stage hoping to compete or at least get some swag.

When this guy danced no one wanted to get near his sword.

A guy made of Legos (or some other kind of blocks) takes a rest.

Retro games were big this year.


There were hundreds of panels, screenings and signings by people like Stan Lee, (creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, X-Men, etc.), Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), Adam West (the original Batman on TV), Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), actor Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine in the Star Wars series), Elmo and countless others.

There was also a big computer game competition, shown above.

Scott Adsit from '30 Rock' looks at some comic art.

It was a great convention but the organizers have to do something about the overcrowding. The capacity of Javitz, according to the architects, is 85,000. More than 115,000 people attended the convention and many on both Saturday and Sunday. At times, it felt unsafe.

See more photos at Brooklyn Vegan.

Photos copyright MK Metz 2012

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