Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hipsters Are Taking Secret Photos of Everyone Walking on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg

Hipsters are now taking surreptitious photos of passers-by on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg and posting them to a fashion blog, where viewers can vote on residents' fashion hipness.

No, really. First brought to our attention by Gothamist, it's called Styleblaster. The site calls itself "Williamsburg's premier live fashion blog, documenting the style of today."

Also this: 
"It will quickly become a destination for New York City peacocks to traipse by and show off what makes the neighborhood hop. For the savvy, a place to be seen. For the flaneur, a bounty of style. At home or online, fashion has a new destination."

But most of the folks subjected to public scrutiny are workers after a hard day, school kids, people pulling shopping carts and the occasional photo of unsuspecting people scratching where it itches.

Like Gothamist, we see lawsuits here. (And we're staying the heck off Bedford.)

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