Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy = 'Frankenstorm' for Brooklyn?

The National Weather Service says it's looking more likely with every passing minute that Brooklyn, New York City and the surrounding area will feel the impacts of a dangerous coastal storm -- Hurricane Sandy possibly transformed into a "Frankenstorm" after hitting a cold front from the north -- late this weekend into early next week.

According to NOAA: Expect heavy rain and "significant" flooding, high winds causing widespread downing of trees and power lines, and significant shoreline flooding and erosion.

 The specific impacts will depend on the exact track and evolution of Hurricane Sandy as it interacts with a deepening low pressure system approaching the East Coast.

Even snow is not out of the question.

According to the New York Times, the collision of the hurricane and the winter blast could producing "what weather forecasters fear could create a historic and potentially devastating storm for a large swath of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic."

“If it actually hits at the kind of intensity it might across central to northern New Jersey, that would be a potential worst-case scenario for New York City,” meteorologist Paul Kocin told NYT. “That would maximize coastal flooding and winds for New York. The flooding could be of a level that would be rarely ever seen.”

Or . . . the storm could hit elsewhere on the coast, or turn out over the ocean. 

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said that some residents should prepare to evacuate. 

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