Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Giant Flashing Video Billboard for Barclays Center Parked in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Photo by MK Metz
How nice! A giant, flashing video billboard for Barclays Center has been installed in Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Such a great use of a waterfront park! Because we all looove Barclays. And we looove American Express which will allow us to go to Barclays!

If you go around the back the giant, flashing video billboard you can make a "dance" or "rock out video" and get a chance to win tickets from American Express to Barclays! Which we looove.

Helloooo Brooklyn!

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Anonymous said...

That is what you get with the"public-private" parks.

I prefer mine public.

Anonymous said...

should we raise your taxes to pay for the (beautiful) public park?

Anonymous said...

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