Friday, September 7, 2012

The 15-Second 'Contagion' Summary (From Last Night's Brooklyn Showing)

Last night the NYC Office of Emergency Management kicked off National Preparedness Month by scaring the bejeebers out of us with a screening of "Contagion" in Cadman Plaza Park in Downtown Brooklyn / Brooklyn Heights.

We learned four things from the film, which revolves around the rapid spread of a highly contagious and deadly virus.

The first is never travel to Hong Kong, and if you do NEVER shake hands with a chef who walks out of the kitchen wiping his hands on his apron.

The second is never shake hands with anyone, period. Also, don't touch other people's cell phones, playing cards, napkins or poker chips.

The third is that forsythia doesn't work, and has never worked.

And the fourth is that one guy is gonna be immune, but you are not that guy.

We took a few photos of the film as it was projected and present them here for folks who haven't seen it yet:

MAN: Can I just speak to an administrator or something? Anybody.

Okay. We'll put the air lock here.

Excuse me, Dr. Mears. Is this coming out of your budget or ours?

Yeah, good. I'm going into a meeting with . . .

Taco Bell.

--It's Andrew.
--Uh, sorry Andrew. I can't let you in.

--Erin, just -- You're gonna be okay.
--No, I know. I know.


And that about wraps it up, except for the ending, which we won't spoil for folks who haven't seen it yet.

It was a beautiful night under the stars and the twin blue lights of the World Trade Center's annual “Tribute in Light." And hey, OEM handed out free T-shirts and flashlights!

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