Monday, February 4, 2013

Atlantic Center's Ceiling; Koch and the 'Brooklyn Machine'; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Brooklyn "investment" sales jump 50 percent. TRD 

- Guess what's on the ceiling of the Atlantic Center Mall? WYDNKBYANM

- Some subway stations are getting so packed, the MTA may one day begin shutting down entrances. Gothamist . . . And a follow up regarding the Bedford L station. Brooklyn 11211

- If UPS delivers your 30 lbs of marijuana to the wrong address, this is exactly what you shouldn't do. NY Daily News

- “It was the ‘Brooklyn machine’ that helped get Koch elected,” says Frank Seddio. Brooklyn Eagle 

- Caught on video: Sicko rapes woman in alley near Brooklyn College. NY Daily News

- Three-acre sports complex heads to Coney Island. TRD 

- Subway Sleuths at the NY Transit Museum -- after-school activities for kids on the autism spectrum, ages 7 – 12. A Child Grows 

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