Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Blackout: UPDATE: It's the Ravens 34 -31

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Dan McQuade
In case you're not following Super Bowl 2013, the power went off at the New Orleans Superdome, bringing the game to  a standstill.

Hey, in Brooklyn we know how to deal with power surges.

Unplug your microwaves, New Orleans!

UPDATE: It worked! Lights are back -- the sponsors must be going crazy.  34 35 minutes of commercials they could have sold while lights were out.

Question: Those Super Bowl voodoo ads have anything to do with this?

Question 2: Did the blackout change the momentum? 28 -23.  Ravens 31 - 23 34 - 29 34 - 31

Twitter going crazy.

Check out this amazing photo of the Super Bowl Blackout.

Funniest Tweets of the Super Bowl Blackout.

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